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Twilight Embrace

Half These Songs Are About You

3 March 1984
About Me:
Hello. I am Paul Richardson, long-haired loafer, grudging cynic and latterly re-aliased pseudonym. I am a fearful pedant, a frustrated obsessive and a traditional introspective, and as such am woefully excellent at alienating people and forming casual acquaintances.

I recently graduated from a three year Journalism degree at the University of Sheffield, although I spent most of that time working for the Sheffield Student Cinema. I now work for the Showroom Cinema, the local pretentious arthouse, where I get paid a pittance but get to hang out with complete freaks and plot our CIQ coup.

I like playing D&D, watching more films than you and bouncing around to music I like with people who can dance only slightly better than me. If you know a sensibly regular nightclub like that, please let me know. My current Stupid Boy Project is starting up an online game for Edgewalkers by Jackalpack Games, a supernatural film noir RPG. When that's done I'll start getting some Cripple Mr. Onion cards printed. Oh yes.

About my LiveJournal:
My updates are frequently short, sparse and on the whole quite vapid. Sometimes they are random observations I found wryly amusing. Sometimes they are attempts at organising a social life. Sometimes things will actually relate to what I'm experiencing at the time.

Whatever, I see no real reason for these updates to endure beyond their immediate usefulness. As such, at various points I purge these now annoying entries from my LiveJournal, perhaps combining them into something with a bit of worth. Or perhaps not. These entries are always backdated - some truths should be written and aired, but not necessarily read. This is my revisionist history. It isn't better than the truth, but it is better written.